"Many mistake tradition as the slavish repetition of rules of the past, whereas the tradition is a continuous variation that turns in a pleasant work." Renata Bonfanti


An artisan design atelier specializing in the study of graphic patterns.

The starting point of each project is the hand printing of the woodcut matrix, monotype or marbling technique. Our mission is focused on the design uniquiness of the craft: press, ink and paper become exploratory tools of the expressive potential of the sign.

Currently the studio collaborates with companies, designers and architects supporting the design of new products, customized prototyping and artisanal production of graphic elements.
Eleonora Zampieri
Art designer, founder of Wundergallery, she revisits the historical foundations with eclectic and interdisciplinary style. Balancing the straightness of research with creativity, she creates objects with a strong and unique identity able to communicate with harmony.

Alessia Fantinato
Graphic designer, she develops the study of color palettes, the digitalization process and build the digital patterns for printing on different materials.


Galleria Firenze 3, int. 8/A - Viale Venezia
36022 Cassola (VI) – Italy